Zero Plaque Program

Bacteria in dental plaque cause 95% of the oral diseases. Lumoral is a light-activated solution for oral health. It is the state-of-the-art treatment for managing bacterial plaque, while supporting oral flora. Latest studies indicate that Lumoral treats and prevents periodontitis efficiently.

Professional Endorsement

The clinical data are outstanding. The treatment recommended by a prophylaxis expert based on the individual risk has tremendous potential to provide targeted therapy without side effects. In particular, periodontitis treatment will improve substantially with Lumoral treatment.

Koite Health provides a great opening to support pediatric dental hygiene. Sustaining oral bacterial diversity while reducing plaque bacteria is very appealing.

The compartmentalization involved in viewing the mouth separately from the rest of the body must cease. There is strong evidence proving oral health affects general health.

Our Story

In 2016, cardiac surgeon Tommi Pätilä operated on a severe heart infection at Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) in Finland. It turned out that the cause of the problems was bacteria originating from the mouth. Pätilä had a strong feeling: something had to be done. He never again wanted to have to operate on a heart that was suffering from oral bacteria.

The Mission Of A Heart Surgeon

Plaque bacteria are responsible for causing 95% of dental diseases. A toothbrush is an effective tool to combat plaque. Still, even the best toothbrush available removes only 65% of plaque. Pätilä was determined to find a solution - something had to be done about the residual plaque.

A Significant Encounter

Around the same time, Pätilä met Sakari Nikinmaa, an engineer participating a Biodesign project at the Children's Hospital in Helsinki. He was looking for an interesting new project to work on. Together with Nikinmaa and the Biodesign team, they decided to go for it. They set up a research group at Aalto University. Extensive technical and antibacterial studies began.

The Founding Team

The group invited some of the world's top experts in physics, chemistry and dentistry. The world's best expertise was also found in the field of technology. Asia-based Juha Rantala, an accomplished semiconductor chemist, joined the group. Rantala is deeply familiar with the use of antibacterial blue light. The expertise of Saija Perovuo, a laboratory analyst in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases, was crucial to Lumoral's development.

The Innovation

Extensive trials found that aPDT is not enough and needs to be supported by an antibacterial blue light. Rantala carefully designed and implemented LED components to produce two different wavelengths, which allowed the team to move forward. After thousands of tests, the parameters were made to work and finally a concrete method was designed, Lumoral, with Harri Koskinen responsible for the design.

Clinical Trials Begin

Under the guidance of Professor Timo Sorsa, large-scale clinical trials were launched across Europe. In the clinical trials, Lumoral proved unbeatable. In randomized trials, regular inactivation of biofilm had a significant effect in the treatment of periodontitis, a severe gum infection. Periodontal disease has traditionally been difficult to treat, so the newly discovered addition to treatment is a remarkable breakthrough for dental care.

International Success

Lumoral has attracted widespread international interest. While tooth decay is the most common disease in the world, and inflammation of the supporting tissues of the teeth is the sixth most common disease in the world, the medical community struggles to find new solutions to combat these infections.

Lumoral treatment has shown potential to benefit several patient groups with difficult-to-treat conditions. The team continues its scientific endeavors with ongoing studies in academic communities around the world.

An optimal antiplaque treatment

The light-activated treatment has high antibacterial effect. The plaque-binding mouthrinse allows the treatment to target its antibacterial effect on the plaque, leaving the rest of the oral flora unharmed.

  • Anti-inflammatory

    Lumoral® Treatment reduces gingivitis. It also reduces plaque formation and tartar formation.

  • Supports normal oral flora

    Even in continuous use, Lumoral® Treatment sustains the bacterial diversity in the mouth.

  • Prevents plaque development

    Lumoral reaches and eliminates even the microscopic plaque. Regular use twice a week slows down plaque development.

  • High antibacterial efficacy

    Lumoral® outperforms all other antibacterial treatments for biofilm control.

Customer Feedback

After the first use, I could already tell that the surface of the tooth was smoother. After using it a few more times, I noticed that my teeth felt generally cleaner. My gums stopped bleeding. Very effective in every way. Easy to use and keeps the teeth in good

After a month or two, I find that my teeth are smoother and cleaner, even more shiny. I would give it 10/10.

After using this device, I felt the same way as I did after I switched from a normal toothbrush to an electric toothbrush.

With Lumoral, my teeth become incredibly clean easily. Before, I had to press hard with an electric toothbrush and brush through all teeth many times. Now with very light use and one round with a brush, I got my teeth completely plaque-free.

I am delighted with the cleaning effect. After the radiotherapy, it was challenging to clean the teeth properly. With Lumoral, I finally succeed. Hope the device works for the next 25 years! :)

I get my interdental spaces much cleaner and have no more pain in the gums. I enjoy having a fresh breath. The dentist was pleased to see I use Lumoral regularly now - he is happy to know I am doing my absolute best to keep my teeth in good shape.

Three Easy Steps: Swish, Apply the Light, Brush

1. Swish your mouth with Lumorinse

Swish your mouth with fresh-tasting Lumorinse for 30 seconds. The light-sensitive colour is designed to adhere to the surface of the plaque.

2. Apply light with Lumoral

Apply light with Lumoral for 10 minutes. The light activates the light-sensitive colour, which in turn sensitizes the bacteria to the light. An antibacterial effect starts. The feeling of warmth is a part of the photodynamic action.

3. Brush your teeth

The surface of the teeth is now easier to clean with the brush. The adherent plaque, invisible to the eye, can be now brushed away and your teeth become amazingly clean.

  • Effective against cavity- and periodontitis causing bacteria

    Lumoral® is very effective against Streptococcus mutans bacteria, the main culprit of tooth decay, and against periodontitis causing Porphyromonas gingivalis and Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans bacteria. 

  • Patented technology

    Lumoral® provide patented dual-light PDT. Dual-light PDT has shown excellent antibacterial properties in repeated use without resistance formation.

  • Suitable for regular use

    Lumoral® is excellent for continuous use as the strong antibacterial cleaning effect is directed to dental plaque and without a change in normal bacterial flora or bacterial diversity

  • Cleans and brightens

    Even after a single use of Lumoral, one can feel the teeth' increased smoothness as Lumoral antibacterial action removes the microscopic biofilm from the teeth surface.  Clean teeth will result in a naturally bright smile!