"I use it myself and I basically recommend it to every patient of mine."

Lumoral® outperforms all other antibacterial treatments for biofilm control

The Lumoral Method

Lumoral® is based on a dual-wavelength LED light which activates Lumorinse® (exocellular) and bacteria porphyrins (endocellular), resulting in the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS and heat induce a series of photochemical and biological events that cause irreversible inactivation leading to the death of undesired bacteria.

The Photosensitizer in Lumorinse mouth rinse is Indocyanine green (ICG). ICG is a color molecule, that has been granted FDA approval in 1959. Since, it has been used in several medical solutions - for example, in cardiac output or hepatic function monitoring. In these solutions it is administered intravenously.

Red Light Near-infrared light reacts with the green sensitizer: the reaction brakes the cell membrane of the bacteria. Our own immune cells that can surround and kill microorganisms use the same method to protect our body from harmful pathogens. 

Antibacterial Blue Light Bacterial cells contain naturally occurring porphyrins and flavins. Blue light reacts with these molecules inside bacterial cells in a similar way. The bacterial cells are destroyed both inside and outside. They are unable to develop a resistance to the method. The combined use of Lumoral's photodynamic therapy and antibacterial blue light has been shown to be very effective against harmful oral bacteria, and no bacterial resistance is developed against their simultaneous use, even with repeated use. 


Indocyanine green (ICG) photosenziter that is used in Lumorinse was developed was developed in the 1940's and tested in 1950's at the Mayo Clinic for use in human medicine by I.J. Fox. ICG has been approved by the FDA in 1959 and around 3,000 scientific papers on ICG have now been published worldwide. 

ICG was initially used primarily in hepatic function diagnostics and later in cardiology. In 1960's it was used to determine renal blood flow. ICG has also been used in the research and diagnosis of subretinal processes in the eye. 

Lumoral® introduces, for the very first time, ICG for the oral health treatment. The liquid has a crucial part of the Lumoral treatment process because of its extraordinary optical properties. 

Breakthrough Design

Lumoral mouthpiece Lumoral provides simultaneous 405 nm antibacterial blue light and Antibacterial photodynamic therapy (aPDT) 810 nm near-infrared (NIR) LED light in a mouthguard form. With 10 min and 30 J/cm2 radiant exposure.  

Patented LED light technology Inside the mouthpiece is 48 custom-made LED light sources with carefully selected wavelengths. Double sided placement of the LEDs on curvature of metal body ensures that light is directed to right places. 

Thermal conductive body The light-activated ICG releases roughly 85% of the absorbed energy as heat, and 15% of the energy is transferred as reactive oxygen species if oxygen is available. The thermal effect is considered to be part of the antibacterial act, described as photothermal antibacterial action. Lumoral special thermal conductive body helps to regulate heat and spread it evenly.  

Easy for Patients

Three simple steps

1. Patient swishes her mouth with Lumorinse

Patient swishes her mouth with Lumorinse for 60 seconds. The light-sensitive colour is designed to adhere to the surface of the plaque and leaves normal flora in the mouth unharmed.

2. Patient applies light with Lumoral

Patient applies light with Lumoral for 10 minutes. The light activation sensitizes the bacteria to the light. An antibacterial effect starts. The feeling of warmth is a part of the photodynamic action.

3. Patient brushes her teeth like normally

The adherent plaque, invisible to the eye, can be now brushed away and patients teeth become amazingly clean. The patient can immediately and clearly feel the difference.

See video: How to use Lumoral

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