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Bacteria in dental biofilm cause 95% of the oral diseases. Lumoral® eliminates pathogenic bacteria and reduces plaque buildup to the surface of the teeth and gum line. Lumoral has been clinically proven in randomised trials to treat peridontal disease.

Onset of periodontal disease

If gingivitis is left untreated, the gum pockets will deepen, creating favourable conditions to pathogenic, anaerobic periodontal bacteria to thrive.

The resulting dysbiosis in the gingival pocket will trigger an inflammatory response. Immune cells release chemicals that can damage the connective tissue fibres attaching the tooth to the bone supporting the teeth.

Regular Lumoral treatment heals periodontitis effectively

Lumoral® is an advanced and patented medical device that treats and prevents oral diseases.

Europe's largest study on periodontitis confirms, that Lumoral significantly improves golden standard treatment outcomes for gum disease.

54% of the periodontal patients using Lumoral at home reached gum health (BOP<10%) in a 3 months study period. Regular use of Lumoral at home reduces gum inflammation and improves oral hygiene. It reduces deep pockets, multiplying the effectiveness of the professional non-surgical periodontal treatment. The results are consistent with the experience of thousands of Lumoral users and dentists.

Pakarinen S et al. Home-Applied Dual-Light Photodynamic Therapy in the Treatment of Stable Chronic Periodontitis (HOPE-CP)—Three-Month Interim Results. Dentistry J. 2022; 10(11):206.

Lumoral Treatment

Risk and evidence-based treatment recommendation

Preventive use

Frequency of use: 2 times a week

Control Every: 12 months

✓ Mild gingivitis
✓ Prevention of bacterial dental diseases
✓ Moderate risk for caries
✓ Moderate tartar formation
✓ Bad breath

Periodontitis treatment: patients with stable treatment results and without additional risk factors.

Therapeutic use

Frequency of use: Once a day

Control Every: 3 months

✓ High caries risk
✓ Moderate gingivitis
✓ Severe tartar formation
✓ Periodontitis stage 1-2
✓ aMMP-8 above 20 ng / ml

Periodontitis treatment: patients with additional risk factors such as diabetes mellitus, cardio-vascular disease or smoking, long-term therapy is recommended.

Intensive use

Frequency of use: Twice a day for 4 weeks

Control Every: 1 months

Severe gingivitis
Periodontitis stage 3-4
aMMP-8 significantly elevated

With intensive therapy, the light activation can be increased to up to 30 minutes for every Lumorinse dose. (Longer treatment time increases the antibacterial effect).

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