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Bacteria in dental biofilm cause 95% of the oral diseases. Lumoral® is a light-activated antibacterial solution for oral health and biofilm management, for the patient's use at home. Lumoral has been clinically proven in randomised trials to treat and prevent oral diseases.


Gingivitis is caused by bacterial irritation from inadequate cleaning of the teeth. Plaque builds up on the surface of the teeth and must be carefully removed regularly. Inadequate plaque removal will result to an inflammatory response in the gum tissue. Inflammation develops rapidly, especially between the teeth.

Gingivitis quickly calms down when the bacteria causing the irritation are removed. Contrary to popular belief, only half of the plaque can be removed with a toothbrush.

Regularly home applied Lumoral use significantly enhances the oral hygiene, reduces plaque, and inflammation effectively.

Lumoral, a targeted antibacterial treatment

Lumoral treatment effectively inactivates the plaque bacteria before brushing. It is shown to reduce formation of new plaque and reduce gingival inflammation.

Lumoral eliminates plaque-forming bacteria, making it easier to brush away the biofilm on the surface of the teeth. The antibacterial effect only targets the plaque and does not affect the rest of the mouth.

People who are more prone to tartar build-up have found that regular use of Lumoral reduces tartar build-up. Lumoral also enhances the metabolism and vitality of the gums.

Lumoral Treatment

Risk and evidence-based treatment recommendation

Preventive use

Frequency of use: 2 times a week

Control Every: 12 months

✓ Mild gingivitis
✓ Prevention of bacterial dental diseases
✓ Moderate risk for caries
✓ Moderate tartar formation
✓ Bad breath

Periodontitis treatment: patients with stable treatment results and without additional risk factors.

Therapeutic use

Frequency of use: Once a day

Control Every: 3 months

✓ Moderate gingivitis
✓ High caries risk
✓ Severe tartar formation
✓ Periodontitis stage 1-2
✓ aMMP-8 above 20 ng / ml

Periodontitis treatment: patients with additional risk factors such as diabetes mellitus, cardio-vascular disease or smoking, long-term therapy is recommended.

Intensive use

Frequency of use: Twice a day for 4 weeks

Control Every: 1 months

✓ Severe gingivitis
Periodontitis stage 3-4
aMMP-8 significantly elevated

With intensive therapy, the light activation can be increased to up to 30 minutes for every Lumorinse dose. (Longer treatment time increases the antibacterial effect).

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