The Finnish innovation that is revolutionizing dental care

The Finnish innovation that is revolutionizing dental care

Clean teeth – for real. Through dual light therapy, the new Lumoral treatment removes 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria in your mouth – something that neither a toothbrush or flossing can do.

Plaque causes 95% of all oral diseases – and can ultimately also increase the risk of more serious diseases such as heart attack and diabetes. But simply brushing your teeth is not enough to remove the harmful bacteria.

– Mechanical brushing is a very important step that removes about 65% of the plaque, so we absolutely shouldn’t stop doing it. But to really get rid of all the harmful bacteria, a complement is needed, says Ing-Marie Albinsson, a dental hygienist at the clinic Lilla Tandkronan in Arvika, Sweden.

The Finnish innovation Lumoral does just that. Through dual light therapy, harmful bacteria are eliminated from the teeth surfaces and around the gums.

– Lumoral is truly a revolutionary technology that is also very easy to use. You first rinse your mouth with the green Lumorinse mouthwash and then use the Lumoral mouthpiece for 10 minutes, says Ing-Marie Albinsson.

Lumoral uses a patented light in two different wavelengths, which in combination with the Lumorinse mouthwash removes 99.9 percent of the harmful bacteria we have in our mouths. The method is very carefully tested and used in a number of medical treatments, so it is completely safe to use.

– My patients who have used Lumoral are very satisfied. Those who have had problems with even quite severe tartar describe it as if it feels like the tartar is running off the teeth, and even those with severe gingivitis have had very good results, says Ing-Marie Albinsson.

Bacteria spread through the gums

Lumoral is a Finnish innovation and was actually invented not by a dentist but by a heart surgeon.

– I have operated on many patients where we have seen that oral bacteria have caused heart problems. But about 10 years ago, I operated on a child who had a serious heart infection precisely because of oral bacteria, and I felt that enough was enough. I don't want to see another patient having to go through this because of poor oral health, says Tommi Pätilä, founder of Koite Health, which developed Lumoral.

Pätilä put together a research team, and seven years ago, Lumoral was launched and is now available in several European markets and soon in Asia.

– The tricky thing about oral infections is that they have no symptoms. If dental plaque is not removed thoroughly, it can pass through the gums into the bloodstream, says Tommi Pätilä.

So how can you prevent this from happening?

– Brushing your teeth thoroughly and using dental floss or interdental brushes is the first step. You also need to visit your dentist or dental hygienist regularly. And then use Lumoral. The treatment is preventive for everyone but is particularly important for those who have already had problems with tooth loss or gum inflammation, says Pätilä.