La Terapia Fotodinámica Domiciliaria Como Medio De Prevención Para El Control Del Biofilm

Revista Avances en Higiene Bucodental
7 de noviembre de 2022
Gianfranco Panzironi
Higienista bucodental. Roma (Italia)
Original article in Spanish 


Bacterial biofilm plays a fundamental role in the development and progression of dental caries and periodontal infections. The biofilm adheres tenaciously to the surfaces of teeth, to restorations, to all types of prostheses and to the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. The oral microbiome is a complex ecosystem that is normally in balance and maintains a healthy relationship with its host, but when there is an imbalance, it appears a condition of dysbiosis, and the chances of developing pathologies that affect oral health increases. Prevention is the pillar against oral diseases and compliance with correct oral hygiene techniques is essential to preserve the normal microbiome and maintain the health of the oral cavity.

Among the new technologies that allow the patient to control the biofilm in a comfortable and effective way, a device for the home application of antibacterial photodynamic therapy stands out. The method is based on the photodynamic and photothermal effect generated by a light source (Dual-light 405 and 810 nm) that activates a photosensitizing substance, indocyanine green, providing an antibacterial effect. The potential and simplicity of use of the device can provide a new means of prevention in the field of oral hygiene.

Key words:

Biofilm, oral microbiome, dual-light photodynamic therapy, lndocyanine green