Lumoral Starter Kit


Lumoral Starter Kit


Lumoral  Starter Pack is a medical device for personal hygiene at a patient's home. The first light-activated mouth rinse targets its antibacterial effect only on the plaque, leaving your oral flora unharmed. Lumoral is a clinically proven antibacterial device, it is easy and fast to use. Lumoral can remove up to 99,9% of harmful bacteria and biofilm from the surface of the teeth.

  • CE marked Class IIa medical device.
  • Width 74 mm
  • Length 53 mm
  • The mouthpiece has 48 individual LED's
  • Potent antibacterial effect for regular use
  • Supports healthy oral microbiome
  • Aalto University Innovation of the Year Award 2017

Starter Pack includes

Lumoral device
Lumorinse tablets, 10 pcs.
Measuring cup
Instructions for use